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Windows 10 30 minute boot free download.Windows 10: 35 minute boot time on fast PC

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Fix SSD Slow Boot on Windows 10 with 8 Effective Methods


How to use Event Viewer to find booting time of PC? How to repair the operating system and how to restore the operating system configuration to an earlier point in time in Windows Vista or 7, or 8.

Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit. It could be a compatibility issue with the new Fast Startup component.

Shut Down the computer, wait a couple of minutes and then use the Power Button to start the computer. You may try from the command prompt and check as well it if it doesn’t fix the issue. Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 4 people found this reply helpful.

It might pay you to look at some hardware type of Forums in case there is a problem as you indicated “communication between the SSD and HDD but have no idea how to assess this problem. Hi all. I have tried many more things including using chkdsk came up clean , cleaning up the boot-drive and enabling TRIM.

I also did a system restore. In the bootlog these two drivers failed repeatedly on Boot up – I have Googled them but I can make nothing of the definitions.

What is puzzling is that the boot time is consistently 30 minutes – then the machine springs to life and runs perfectly. Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 2 people found this reply helpful. Re Safe mode, it opens fine in safe mode, but still takes 30 minutes. In other words, it always has a 30 minute rest period with black screen, after the windows 10 logo, before the desktop appears.

This is regardless of the mode I start in. Regarding the other more technical questions, I’m sorry I can’t answer for now. However, the machine worked really well for the fist two days, then suddenly changed to the 30 minute boot, so my assumption is that if any of these things Bios, or UEFI, set to the “Safe Defaults etc.?

One thing I noticed is that the windows. Could this be a factor? It looks like I can move it if I change the permissions, but I wasn’t going to bother unless it might make a difference. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. It displays the Windows 10 icon briefly, then goes black for minutes. To get your Windows 10 computer to boot at lightning speed, you might consider installing Windows 10 on an SSD.

But some people say that even if they set the SSD as a boot drive, it still takes a long time to boot Windows 10, like 30 seconds to 2 minutes! Windows 10 booting slowly on SSD is related to many reasons. If your computer and laptop are running lots of services , your SSD could take a long time. This issue is also related to your AHCI driver and graphics card as well as your power plan. NCQ optimizes how SSDs and hard drives handle data requests simultaneously, minimizes the movement of the read-write heads, and uses AHCI to speed up hard drive access times.

The downside of ULPS is that is can cause performance loss and some crossfire instability. If you enable this feature, it may cause Windows 10 to boot slow on SSD.

After doing this workaround, try restarting your computer, it should at least start up a little faster. If the SSD slow boot on Windows 10 problem still persists, try the solutions below.

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The 40 first levels can be played for free. Tom’s Hardware Tom’s Hardware. Ed Tittel. Topics windows Operating Systems. See all comments Wonders if the iso used has to match that is currently installed as that was the limitation on other repair installs? I always have my current version of windows on a flash drive for this.

You can also update to the new version of windows this way without using windows update. That’s how I update when I’m ready to go to the newest version because my internet connection at home is horrible so I download it somewhere else.