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Landscape Furniture. Intermediate Beginner. Modelling Downlkad. CatchUp Reviews. Unread posts New posts Active продолжить. Have downloaded it and about to play with it Along with Profile Builder, this could be the find of !!!

Re: Find!!! I Like this Architectural tools for SketchUp very mach! It’s just a shame there are no toolbars From the sounds of it they just imitate the SU linear array and divide functions. How much of those rubies are 10001bit new ones? Are they free rubies wrapped together and sold as a package? If so, do the original ruby authors know about it? Posts: Joined: Thu Nov 22, pm. Frenchy Pilou Is beautiful that please without concept!

Speedy Galerie. Rest assured, i wrote all the scripts from читать больше and they are original. I have put a lot of experience in CAD and architectural practice into this to make it an efficient tool specially meant for architectural works; which i believe no body else have fres.

Another feature that made this different from others is that most of the tools works with grouped entities from outside the group.

I’m not sure whether other tools have done this before. I really appreciate everyone’s interest and looking forward to see more feedback on my works. GOHCH wrote: 3 Option 3 – even distribution with max distance – this is specifically meant for balusters, where in some countries, there is a maximum gap control between balusters for safety reasons. Planning to create a toolbar for it? Welcome to try Thea RenderThea support kerkythea.

Personally I do like as clean UI as possible, but if 10001bit tools are used frequently I prefer to have them available instantly tough a toolbar. Few questions and suggestions from me. There is no C: on Macs. It takes too much time to get to “create door” command following the tree structure. SU’s personal shortcut is not very capable either. Thanks for all the feedbacks. Appreciate if anyone could offer some help on this.

Again, my apologies, didn’t really expect this to catch much attention this fast; I was taking my sweet time in my slow and easy phase testing and debugging and i believe there’s much room to improve still. Really appreciate all the feedbacks and assistance. I copied and pasted the information, then clicked activate but nothing happened. Plugin 1001bit pro for sketchup 2016 free download program looks very cool though! I’m sketchpu forward to trying it out. Thanks, Mark. Is it me or we don’t know the price of the licence?

Good point: “Free license for Students and academic institutions”. You need to be a Member to view images or to make downloads. That plugin 1001bit pro for sketchup 2016 free download it working properly, however I still am unable to activate the license. It may be a Vista 64 user account issue or something. I’m going to try to activate logged in ссылка на страницу administrator. Parametrable stairs and escalators. Thanks and regards. Board index. Who is fot.

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If so they’d benefit from a better description. This one seems to have an edge over the SU’s default MoveCopy. Nice collection of tools though. Signed up for the betas. Thanks Thomas, Plugin 1001bit pro for sketchup 2016 free download by itself is already very powerful for most purposes. For some tools, proo the edit vertex which could also be done with SU’s Move function i’m just making it easier and some like the array tools are made to breaker for brick pc download game free ball work flow that is closer to an architect’s work flow; and those staircase tools are filling in missing gaps.

After that i’ll look into it. Heh, that’s opposite of me. I hide all frequent toolbar and only leave the ones I use less. Ok that is clear now! I also was puzzled by this unusual install process. I don’t really like making new folders in the C root. Start Sketchup.

Mark hi Mark, If you’re still having problem with activation, feel free to drop me a mail, i’ll send the activation key to you directly.


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Jul 01,  · Download Plugin Bit Pro for SketChup SipilkuSipilmu | Sunday, 1 July bit Tools for sketchup plugin – is a collection of shareware plugins (Ruby scripts) for Google Sketchup that are dedicated for architectural works. Buy bit Pro for only USD ; Upgrade to bit Pro v2 upgrade from bit Standard to bit Pro v2 for only USD upgrade from bit Pro v1 for only USD Free upgrade for users who purchased bit Pro v1 on and after 1st Jan Note: If you are upgrading from bit Pro v1, please delete all your bit_pro folders. Mar 27,  · Download bit Tools () for Sketchup Plugin Download bit Freeware v1 (bit_freeware_vrbz – approx. MB) Try out bit Pro 30 days for FREE View bit Pro v2 user guide (pdf) (user guide available in pdf – approx. MB).


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In-model cutlists leverage the power of SketchUp to view, examine, and modify cutlists. Model must have 2 scenes or more, untagged layer will not be hidden. If upgrading, install then restart SketchUp User guides. LawArchitects : Layers Organizer v2. Proxy framework for SketchUp with various methods to create proxies – v1. Dependencies: LibFredo6 v