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Microsoft Access Runtime. Select Language:. Choose the download you want. Anybody can learn to use Access. It doesn’t take weeks of classroom instruction and then months of training to acquire the skills necessary to create and administer a database. So, if you want to organize your life you should start using Microsoft Access. The first step is to solve our quiz.

Microsoft Access is a tool that helps one store and analyzes large amounts of information. This tool forms interface that allows users to enter information in a graphical form and have that information transparently passed to the Questions: 10 Attempts: Last updated: Nov 16, Sample Question. Word processor. Ms Access Quiz. Getting some basic computer knowledge is something that most people are required to have in any business field. There are different computer applications used daily.

How good are you when it comes to MS Access? Take up the quiz Questions: 50 Attempts: Last updated: Dec 22, Tables and Queries. Tables only. Tables and reports. Queries and reports. Questions: 30 Attempts: Last updated: Nov 16, This set contains 8 multiple choice questions and 12 short essay questions for MS Access. Each of the multiple questions has four possible options and there is one and only one correct answer for each Questions: 20 Attempts: Last updated: Jul 15, Questions: 10 Attempts: Last updated: Dec 4, Meta data.

Most Popular. Microsoft Access – Set 4. Questions: 10 Attempts: Last updated: Apr 25, Form, called a switchboard. Report, called a menu. Table, called a switchboard. Query, called a menu. Microsoft Access – Set 2. Microsoft Access – Set 3. Questions: 10 Attempts: Last updated: Feb 14, Microsoft Access Basics Questions! It can contain only one object. It defines a layered space. It is created in multipage forms. Which of the following components has a property sheet that includes settings for the frame and the option group?

Option group label b. Option group frame c. Option button d. Option button labels. Check box control b. Combo box control c. Option group control d. Tab control. On the property sheet, which of the following tabs contains the Caption property? It can be inserted into a form only. It can be designed as a stand-alone object.

It can be linked to the object in which it is placed. It is a control linked to a data source. Option button label b. Option group label d. Option group button. Which of the following is a condensed form of standard generalized markup language?

Microsoft Office button b. Navigation Pane c. Quick Access toolbar d. Database Tools command tab. High Text Mail List b. Hyperlink Markup Language c. HyperText Markup Language d. Hyperlink Transfer Markup Language. Red, Blue, Yellow b. Red, Green, Blue c. Blue, Green, Orange d. Green, Orange, Violet. When adding an image, which size mode will change the height or width of the image fit the control? According to the Leszynski Naming Conventions, which of the following is the prefix for a text box control?

By clicking the drop-down arrow on the Control Source property b. By clicking the drop-down arrow of the Input Mask property in the Data tab c. By clicking the Build button of the Input Mask in the Data tab d.

By clicking the Build button of the Control Source property in the Data tab. According to the Leszynski Naming Conventions, which of the following is the prefix for a combo box control? You have a Command button in the Form Footer, you click the Tabular Control Layout; an attached label will be added in what section? They are similar to watermarks in Word. They are displayed behind the controls in a form. They do not print when a form or a report is printed. They can be inserted on a form or a report.

You created a query with two tables that have relationship of One-To-Many with referential rules applied. The first table has 3 records and the second has 8. With using a right outer join, how many records will the resulting recordset have? Which of the following types of joins displays records with the same value in the common field?

The join line but not the relationship between the two tables b. The relationship between the two tables locally c. The relationship between the two tables globally d. The primary key of the first table. A widely recognized naming convention for database objects c.

A sort order for records, which is identified in the table design d. A set of relationship rules that enforce defined database relationships.

You created a query with two tables that did NOT have a join line. The first table has 12 records and the second has 5. The resulting recordset would have how many records? Which of the following dialog boxes enables users to enforce referential integrity in a One-To-Many relationship? Records from the second recordset and only records from the first recordset where the common fields are equal b. Records from the first recordset and only records from the second recordset where the common fields are equal c.

Records that have the same value in the common field d. Records from the first recordset only. Add summary functions b. Create groups c. Group fields into more than one Control Layout d. Select fields.

Adding groups can help organize the labels. It helps users to create package labels. It allows users to select a label type and size. It allows users to sort the labels. To align controls in rows and columns like a spreadsheet, with labels across the top, which layout should be used? The actual tab order setting for a form can be used in the Form View.

The tab order setting determines the movement of the insertion point through a form. The tab order setting is usually right-to-left and top-to-bottom. The default tab order setting can be altered by moving the controls in the Design View. Between the content of the controls and the outside edge of then controls b. Between all controls c. Between controls and gridlines.

Print page 1, 3, and 5 b. Print pages 1 through 5 c. Print selected records d. Print only the third record. Which mode sizes an image to fit the control while maintaining the proportions of the original image?

Which of the following views is used to graphically summarize and analyze data in a recordset? Criteria can contain wildcard characters. Criteria in a query selects or excludes certain records. Criteria cannot be specified as an expression. The Top Values property displays only the highest values from the query. The Top Values property requires the fields to have a defined sort order. The Top Values property finds a specified number of records.

The Top Values property finds a specified percentage of records. A calculated field does not store data in a recordset. Calculated fields use an expression or formula as its data source. Data contained in a calculated field is created the first time a query is run. A calculated field can be created using the Expression Builder dialog box. It is used to graphically summarize and analyze data in a table, query, or form. It can be used to view different levels of detail or to specify custom layout.

It displays field values that can be switched for different views of data. It displays the same information as a crosstab query, except for the counts and sums of numeric fields. Which of the following database objects extracts information from one or more tables or queries?

A One-To-Many relationship that is not enforcing referential integrity, displays what symbol next to the foreign key field? Force all uppercase b. Define placeholder c. Store symbols with data d. Use preset masks. Which of the following field properties enforces the use of parentheses when keying an area code?

Which of the following field properties is an expression that specifies criteria or requirements for entering data? Which of the following views displays the field name, description, and properties of a table? Clear All Sorts b. Delete All Sorts c. Eliminate All Sorts d. Remove All Sorts.

Most often this order is not useful. Which of the following Find and Replace dialog box options finds records in which the beginning of a field matches the Find What entry? Match Case b. Match: Whole Field c. Match: Start of Field d. Match: Any Part of Field. The record is deleted in the form and from its source table. The record is deleted in the form, but not from its source table. The record is neither deleted in the form, nor from its source table.

The record is not deleted in the form, but is deleted from its source table. Utilizes field placement to improve the efficiency of data entry. Forms store information more efficiently. Forms show the summary of all the records. Forms cannot be edited. Right-click, choose from the shortcut menu Copy and Paste. From the ribbon, select Copy and Paste. Selecting records and pressing [Delete] b. Clicking the Delete Record button d. From the ribbon, selecting Delete Record.

Oracle software d. EDM software. Standard Query Language b. Structured Query Language c. Simplified Query Language d. Static Query Language. Datasheet view b. Design view c. This is the stage in database design where one gathers and list all the necessary fields for the database project.

Data definition b. Data refinement c. Establishing relationship d. Network database model b. Relational database model c.

Object oriented database model d. Insert, update or delete records and data values c. Authorizing access and other control over database d. Open statement opens access database files and open exclusively opens database files of other program like oracle b. Open exclusive locks whole database so that no one can access it whereas open locks only the record that is being accessed c.

Both open and open exclusively are same d. Open exclusive command does not exist in MS Access. Create table in design view b. Create table using wizard c. Create table by entering data d. Ole c. You need to delete the whole table. There is no method to remove a particular field only. Select the third column in datasheet view then delete d. Select the third row in table design view then delete. View, change and analyze data in different ways b. A source of records for forms and reports c.

You can type the sql command in sql view c. Where can you find relationship command. Many students may have manu classes. Do not enter a value in the primary key field of chield table if that value does not exist in the primary key of the parent table c. Is used to delete all the records of all tables in a database b.

Will repeat the recent delete operation to all the records of current table c. Is available in edit relatiionship dialog box which makes sure that all the related records will be deleted automatically whn the record from parent table is deleted d.

Means do not change the value in the primary key field if that record has related records in another table b. Means change all the related records in child tables if the record in parent table is changed c. From edit menu choose delete relationship b. Select the relationship line and press delete c. Choose delete option from relationship menu d. Right click the relationship line and choose edit relationship b. Write criteria values vertically one in a row b.

Write criteria values horizontally c. Write criteria values in same field separated with and d. Logical operator b. Once in the bugging of the report b. Which of the following database object is created first before any other created? This type of database contains multiple tables that are connected to produce combined output from all tables.

That match the selected field b. That match the criteria specified c. That meet any of several criteria specified d. The operation of checking input data against specified criteria is known as? Some rules are set in databases to check and permit only correct values. What is this feature called? Database access levels are specified so as to define who can access what in a database. It is identified through. What it is called to present information in a particular order based on numeric or alphabetical value?

A collection of related records in database is known as a. A part of database that stores complete information about an entity such as employee, sales, orders etc.

To create this, you enter an expression in the design grid that instructs access to perform a calculation using the current field values. The ascending order of data hierarchy is? Bit — byte — field — record — file — databse b.

Bit — byte — record — field — file — database c. Byte — bit — field — record — file — database d. Bit — byte — field — record — database — file. Which of the following database object can be used if you need to mail the invoice to customers? When creating an input mask this character does not require an entry, but if an entry is made it must be a letter from a-z. In access, this displays the results of a calculation in a query. In access, this operation copies a backup file from the storage medium back onto the computer.

If you make an invalid entry in the input mask wizard dialog box, this will display to advise you that the entry is not correct. In the form wizard dialog box, the fields from the selected table are displayed in this list box.

This form displays the field name labels down the left side of the column, with the data for each field just to the right of its corresponding label. This form displays data in a table layout with field name labels across the top of the page and the corresponding data in rows and columns under each heading. This form displays multiple records, one per row, in the form window.

In this form, a single record may appear in multiple rows in the form window in order to fully display the field name label and data. Which of the following is not a form style available in the form wizard dialog box. You can move between fields in a form by using any of these keys except. Queries are based on this, allowing you to use a query as the source for forms and reports. This type of query summarizes large amounts of data in easy-to-read, row-and-column format.

Which of the following is not one of the methods available in the new query dialog box to create queries? Design view b. Crosstab query wizard c. Datasheet view. This query wizard will create a select query. The quickest way to add a field to the selected fields list is to double-click its field name in this list. The result of a query is displayed in a. Changing the order of this in the query datasheet does not affect the field order in the table.

In the second subform wizard dialog box you specify the table to use as the data source and the. Records from the selected form b. Form from the selected table c. Fields from the selected table d. Content from the selected form. This is not one of the sections of the form design window.

When you select this control, its associated text control is also selected and the two controls will act as one when manipulated. In access, this view is used to create and modify the structure of a form. Click on the three dots to the right of the caption entry field b. Click on the three dots to the right of the format entry field c.

Click on the input mask toolbar d. Click on the three dots to the right of the input mask entry field. At the beginning of the database b. The first time you save data c. When closing the application d. During auto save. The file extension for an access database is. Which of the following best describes the grouped report? A part of report that can be generated by the report wizard b. A report that displays data that has been sorted in ascending or descending order c.

A report that displays data grouped by fields you specify d. None of a the above. What is the use of description field in table design window? The description will be displayed on status bar when entering data in datasheet view b. The description will be displayed on status bar when entering data in form c. How can you display the related records from other tables in datasheet view?

Click on the expand indicator next to the record b. Double click on the record to expand it c. Apply filter by command to display related records d. Which of the following query type is best suitable to analyze data? Which of the following is a database management system? In relational database schema each tuple is divided into fields known as? Which of the following columns does not exist in macro design window? What is the type of query that extracts data from a table and puts them into separate table?

What type of control in a form can display data from database table? To display value from table for a label control. Set tech control source and record source prom property panel b. Choose the database, table, field and select data value to display c. Look at the table and type value in the caption d. Set the record source property and then control source. Which of the following is not a section in report design window?

Report header section b. Page header section c. Summary section d. Report footer section. You can not import data into access database from. Database iii database files b. Excel spreadsheets c. Comma delimited text files d. Which control does access use to link data access page components to Access data? Microsoft dynamic data control b. Microsoft data connection control c. Microsoft office data source control d. Microsoft script editor b.

Microsoft code editor c. Microsoft data access pages editor d. Neter a value less or more than 1, b. Value must be less than 95 characters c. Enter a date before d. Right click the field value and select filter by selection from the shortcut menu b. Find and double click the value on which you want to base the filter c. Right click the left side of the column heading b.

Double click the left side of the column heading c. Double click the right side of the column heading d. Save your changes, close the workbook, and then reopen it. Select the pivot table worksheet and press f9 on the keyboard c. Click the report, and on the pivot table toolbar, click the refresh data button d. In access, the best types of queries to use for data analysis are:. How can you add a table to the relationship window?

Select the table from the table list on the toolbar c. Click the show table button on the toolbar d. What is the first step in creating a form or report with the form wizard or report wizard?

Selecting the fields that you want to appear in the form or report b. Selecting the underlying table or query on which you want to base the form or report c. Reading several screens of mostly useless information and clicking next d. Selecting how the form or report should be formatted.

Which action will optimize your database performance? Set the record set type to snapshot b. Use the compact and repair database tool c. Create a replica of the database d. The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called. Start from data access pages and work backward b. Sketch the design of your database using a pencil and paper c.

Use the table analyzer to reverse-engineer your flat source data. If a piece of data is stored in two places in the database, then a. Storage space is wasted b. Changing the data is one spot will cause data inconsistency c.

It can be more easily accessed d. How does it organize these file? Which of the following database objects asks a question of information in a database and then displays the result?

What data type should yo choose for a zip code field in a table? In order to use dbms, it is important to understand. The physical schema b. All sub schemas that the sytem supports c. One sub schema d. A list consists of last names, first names, address and pin codes if all people in the list have the same last and the same pin code, a useful key would be.

The pin code b. The last name c. A compound key consisting of the first name and the last name d. The table will not include any fields from the table b.

The query will include every field from the table d. The query uses the records from the table without displaying them. Which editor was provided for use with access basic?

The visual basic 1. Notepad c. The quick basic editor d. The filter by selection feature allows you to filter:. Those records that match an entity in a field b.

Records based on a criterion you specify c. Records that meet any of several criteria you specify d.


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Microsoft access 2013 quiz answers free download

Expression button c. How does it organize these file? One to One b. Field order d. At the beginning of the database b. Address book of all the suppliers of a company b. Clicking the Delete Record button d.