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Autodesk software has just been installed but the materials library is missing. How to use the materials and bitmaps that come with the shared Autodesk Material Library to render in ART or Arnold in 3ds Max.


V-Ray Material Library Browser – V-Ray for 3ds Max – Chaos Help – About This Version


Set up a material as normal. Library materials are now visible. Install libraries separately Locate the installers for the libraries in the install files for the Autodesk software and run them individually. To extract the product installation content from Browser or AVA downloaded installer, double click on the product installer.

The typically material library. Double click the files that need to be installed to launch the installation process. If there is more than one Autodesk product on the computer, there may be several library files. Install the versions that correspond with the software currently in use. Physical Material or Arnold-specific Shaders are not being applied. When using ART, some materials appear empty in the Material Editor sample sphere slots, and if applied to objects in the scene, cause them to become invisible.

If using Arnold, some of the materials do not look correct or the bitmaps appear to be missing. Solution: If legacy Autodesk Materials have already been applied in a 3ds Max scene, these first need to be converted to Physical Materials using the 3ds Max Scene Converter. Note: mental ray-specific materials can be converted only by 3ds Max ; later versions of 3ds Max do not include the mental ray DLLs to convert the materials completely.

Make sure the “3ds Max Maps Support” entry is picked. The materials should now display properly when rendering and within the Viewport. View Original X. By: Help. Help 0 contributions. In-product view. Why do I need the Autodesk Material Library? What is the Autodesk Material Library? Not all Autodesk products include an install of the Autodesk Material Library by default.

Not all Autodesk products use all sub-libraries. Reinstall the Autodesk Material Library using a product installer If you previously installed the default material library on your local system but it was removed, you can reinstall it with the following steps: Place the install media for the product in your disc drive or locate the download of the product if you purchased it electronically. In Windows Explorer or File Explorer, browse to the product installer, and open the following folders